A Tale of the Three Trees

A Tale of the Three Trees



We are really excited about the musical we are doing!

The Tale of the Three Trees is a musical that OUR kids will present on Sunday May 21st.

What you need to know: We would like to have the auditions right after children’s church. We will meet in a room upstairs and have children take turns trying out for singing and speaking parts. The audition process is important for us to see how well your child performs in front of a few adults (it is sometimes a little scary but you might be surprised by the quiet ones!) Auditions will be Sunday March 26th.

You can let us know what time slot works best for you, by completing our online form here.

We’d like you to meet our talented leaders for this musical:

Shannon Carrion, Director

“Music has always been a big part of my life. When I was young, my six siblings and I would write musicals and perform for family and friends. As I grew up I participated in various choirs from the 6th grade through high school. When my kids were young the church put on children’s musicals. I was a drama director for 5 years (10 programs). I have a love for teaching kids music and acting and bringing out things in them that will help them throughout life. I am excited about directing the New Life Kids in a new wave of children’s musicals.”


Judy Gamet- Choreography

Judy has a BS in Dance Education and is the owner of Motion Dynamics. She has 44 years of teaching dance to children. She currently teaches dance for the Suisun Recreation Department (and she teaches dogs to dance!)