Sunday Closure Statement

Sunday Closure Statement

Important Update At New Life Church

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Starting Sunday, March 15th, all live services and in-person church activities are suspended.

Dear New Lifers,

The governor of California has asked that all meetings of 250 or more be shut down and that any gathering has a ‘social distancing’ of at least six feet between individuals.  In addition, our District leaders have asked that all affiliated churches in Northern California shut down during part of March.

We agree with these leaders that this is the best way of loving our neighbor as ourselves.  We would regret being the meeting place in which someone got severely ill.  We do not live in fear.  To proceed with caution is our best course of action.

Out of necessity, we believe that God is leading us into new ways of sharing the gospel through this crisis.  Here is what we are doing:

1.  All on-location Sunday services in March are canceled.  

2. All small groups will be asked to meet virtually to protect the health of our church.

3. We will provide livestream services on Sundays at the following times and website address:

Simply visit those links on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device on Sunday to participate in our live services.

4. Online giving is now an absolute necessity to further God’s Kingdom and his purpose for New Life. Please pray about participating in this form of stewardship.

Have questions? We are here to help you! Email us at

We will keep you informed to confirm when we will start live services again. Please follow us on social media as updates will be given on a week to week basis as well: 

God bless,
Pastor Jon and Darren
Church Staff
Church Board