Keep Your Group Connected

Keep Your Group Connected

Stay Connected During The COVID Closure

Even if it takes a little extra effort on our part, it’s important to maintain community. God reminds us in Hebrews 10:25 that we should not forsake assembling together so that we are able to exhort one another. Remember that God uses you to be a source of hope, strength and perspective when times are challenging. So when we can’t meet face to face, let’s rise to the challenge by considering a different way of staying connected. Here are some ideas:

Use a free online Bible Study

The Bible App (downloadable at offers a free Bible experience for smartphones, tablets and online so you can bring your group members together through discussion threads for instant interaction, by using technology you already use. Select a topic and invite your group members to study it with you via the app. Plus, everyone has a chance to share his or her thoughts, just as you would with a face-to-face group.

Set up a real-time chat at no charge

Many free instant-messaging programs, such as Google Talk, feature a “group chat option” that allows you to hang out. Skype also has a group option. Be sure to send group members a “friend request” or “invite” to remind them to sign up and test the chat application beforehand.

(Tip about headphones or earphones)
If you don’t want to experience the annoying echo caused from computer speakers, encourage everyone to use headphones or earphones. Group members with computers that do not already have built-in microphones will need headphones with a microphone.

Conference call with your group for free

Sign up to get a free conference-call number at Pass the conference call number issued to you on to your group along with a time to call in. You’ll be able to communicate in real-time. It’s ok to chat informally a while until everyone’s ready to dig in.

Use RightNow Media

Pick a study from RightNow Media, which houses thousands of Christ-centered study options you can stream or download to watch on your smart tv or mobile device. Then select one of the ways mentioned above to discuss what you watched. If you need access to RightNow Media, please email us

Book Study

Select a book and provide members with a reading schedule. Use one of the ways mentioned above to discuss what you read.

Care to share any additional ideas you may have? Simply email or call 925.785.6303. I can’t wait to hear them!

Concha Tamanaha
Small Groups Director