Hope Rising, When Only Option is Prayer

Hope Rising, When Only Option is Prayer

Week Six | When Your Only Option is Prayer


Persistence is defined as “firm continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.” We have all persisted through a trying time in our lives. Sometimes we recognize the persistence in our difficult time, but often we feel we have nothing left but prayer to get us through our situation. Sunday we heard about Hagar and her persistence in crying out to God. He heard her and he answered her. Pastor Jon talked about the persistent widow from Luke 18 in the video. The opening passage of Luke 18 spells out this passage to us up front, “Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.” Let’s look at how one woman’s persistence got her what she most needed and how God is so much more willing to answer our persistence.


  1. What do you think most tests people’s faith?
  2. In what circumstances is persistence beneficial? When was a time your persistence paid off?


  1. Why do you think people stop praying? What does it mean to be persistent in our prayers?
  2. Jesus had a purpose in telling His disciples this parable. How did Jesus describe the judge in the story? (vs. 2)
  3. How should we respond when we do not see our prayers answered?
  4. The woman is represented as especially helpless in verse 3. What did the woman need from the judge?
  5. Because Jesus has already directed us to pray and not give up, why did the judge finally give in to the woman’s request? (vs. 4-5)
  6. How can you guard against the temptation to give up praying when you do not see immediate results?
  7. Why should we take note of how the unjust judge responded to persistence? (vs. 6)
  8. How will God’s actions differ from those of the unjust judge? And knowing how God’s actions are done out of love, what can Christians expect from God? (vs. 7)
  9. This parable offers what kind of promise to Christians? (vs. 8)
  10. What does this parable teach you about what your prayer life should be like? How do your prayer habits need to change?


We are at the end of our Hope Rising series. We have journeyed through many of life’s difficult topics that we have either faced, or we can relate to the reality that is someone’s story. Moving forward identify changes you can make in your daily routine that will enable you to pray more persistently. Accountability can be key is helping us maintain many things in our lives. Prayer is no different. Find someone you can ask to hold you accountable for praying more persistently.