Hope Rising, When Facing it Alone

Hope Rising, When Facing it Alone

 Week Four | When Facing it Alone


  1. We’ve all had moments or seasons in our life when we felt completely alone. Being in a crowd, with family or in a relationship doesn’t guarantee we won’t feel lonely and alone. In Psalm 142 we find David alone in a cave, completely overwhelmed by his circumstances. Let’s explore how David clung to God when he felt he could not go on.GROWING TOGETHER
    1. How do people usually deal with overwhelming problems?
    2. What successful techniques have you found to deal with stressful or scary situations?


    1. What is the main theme of this prayer? Why did David need the Lord’s help? How did David demonstrate his faith and confidence in God? (vs. 1-7)
    2. In what specific ways should we imitate David’s example in this psalm? How was David’s attitude honoring to God? What does this passage teach you about relying on the Lord in times of need?
    3. How did David feel about his situation? (vs. 3-6)
    4. When have you felt overwhelmed by your circumstances? How has God been a “refuge” for you in these times?
    5. How did David feel about his own ability to save himself? What sort of language did David use to describe his situation? (vs. 6-7)
    6. How should we respond to God’s help and deliverance?
    7. What did David expect from the Lord? How did David promise to respond to God’s deliverance? And how did David predict others would respond to God’s help? (vs. 7)
    8. In what practical ways can we demonstrate our confidence in the Lord?


    1. What practical steps can you take this week to rely on God to help you deal with the challenges you face?
    2. If you feel overwhelmed by your circumstances, how can you use what you have learned from this psalm to better deal with your situation?
    3. How do you praise the Lord this week for His goodness to you?