2018 Christmas Offering

2018 Christmas Offering

Be a part of starting churches around the world because new churches give hope and change lives! Through the World Evangelism Fund local churches are equipped to meet tangible needs around the world & share the gospel of Jesus.

The 2018 Christmas Offering will help others:

  • By starting new churches around the world. Without fanfare thousands of churches in every region on Earth are binding wounds, feeding the hungry, housing the homeless and witnessing the transformation of lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many of these churches are flourishing in the most violent places on earth. By supporting these churches we help people in desperate hopeless situations.
  • By providing Compassion Aid and Disaster Relief. Through Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM) New Life has a strong infrastructure to address human disasters as well as on-going help for issues such as clean water, human trafficking and hunger and illiteracy.  We are also sending aid through NCM for the survivors of local recent fires such as in Paradise.
  • By investing in the spiritual welfare of our youth and children. Kids around the world tend to accept Christ and become a Christian between the ages of 4-15.  Churches need to focus on how best to introduce them to Jesus Christ.

    Our Faith Goal is: $25,000

Give today at newlifechurch.com/giving. Or make a pledge to help by January 27, 2019: https://bit.ly/2RRuweT